Custom-fitted CPAP Masks

Apnea Options is pleased to offer the option of  the TAP-PAP CPAP mask. Many times, a primary patient complaint and reason for CPAP non-compliance is a poor fitting or leaking mask.

The TAP-PAP custom mask is a wonderful option for the patient who has “tried everything” available and still cannot get a good seal from a mask. Custom CPAP masks are also ideal for special needs patients, as well as those patients with structural issues.

The conveniences of the custom CPAP masks are:

  • NO STRAPS! No straps are needed to keep the masks completely seated throughout the night, no matter the sleeping position.
  • Virtually no air leakage, allowing the patient to receive their full therapeutic titrated pressure levels.

The masks can be used for patients receiving only CPAP therapy or in conjunction with TAP oral appliance therapy. The TAP oral appliance, when used in conjunction with the custom CPAP mask, allows CPAP pressures to be significantly lowered. This combination therapy is perfect for moderate to severe sleep apnea patients, who may struggle with high CPAP pressure settings.

custom cpap mask

The TAP-PAP  CPAP Nasal Mask

The TAP oral appliance is effective in treating over 90% of OSA patients effectively. In the remaining 10% the air way is so compromised that the use of TAP/ CPAP combination therapy may be the most efficacious treatment.

Some of these patients may be former CPAP failures who sought oral appliance therapy because of their inability to tolerate the CPAP.  A combination therapy of CPAP assisted by TAP enables the patient to splint the airway open by use of their TAP and use low levels of air pressure from the CPAP through nasal pillows to ensure adequate levels of oxygen saturation. The lower air velocity makes the use of the CPAP much more tolerable.

At Apnea Options, we work with CPAP masks that have been provided to the patient by their DME provider. In many cases, despite the fact that the correct style and mask has been fitted for the patient, air leakage may still be occurring.If air leakage is occurring during your CPAP therapy, you may not be receiving the prescribed therapeutic level of air.

In these cases, at Apnea Options, we are able to provide a much better seal to the patient’s existing mask. Medical grade sealant is used to provide a better seal at the interface between the patient’s face and CPAP mask.The improved seal allows for a more comfortable CPAP experience while reducing mask leakage.