Apnea Options is the perfect choice for you.

Providing our patients with an optimal treatment experience is our primary goal. We are committed to working with our patients to manage their airway and sleep health over a lifetime.

Apnea Options is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. Our office offers multiple treatment approaches to serve the needs of most patients that seek help with their sleep breathing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apnea Options is a practice that treats patients for sleep disordered breathing, snoring and sleep apnea. We offer a full range of services, including evaluation of your problem and diagnosis, treatment, and management of your condition over time. Apnea Options integrates both dental and medical technology into a comprehensive, stepped approach to treatment. We are committed to working with our patients to manage their airway and sleep health over a lifetime.

Apnea Options is located in Palm Harbor, FL at 3840 Tampa Road.

Apnea Options is a comprehensive treatment center. We are not a sleep lab that performs overnight sleep studies.

No. You do not have to have a referral before scheduling an appointment at Apnea Options.

Yes. Apnea Options is committed to collaborating with each patient’s medical team and will send progress reports to your doctors upon request. We accept referrals and prescriptions for oral appliance treatment from all physicians.

Because snoring is a warning sign of sleep apnea, we encourage all of our patients to have a sleep study. The sleep study will show how severe your condition is and help the doctor determine the best course of action for your condition. Patients can elect to have a sleep study in a hospital- type setting or sleep lab.

No. You can make an appointment at Apnea Options first for an evaluation.

Yes. Currently, insurance only covers treatment for sleep apnea if you have had a polysomnogram (PSG) sleep study in a sleep lab. If you want to use insurance, we will refer you to a sleep lab for testing.

A customized oral appliance is fabricated for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. It is an alternative treatment to constant positive airway pressure (CPAP). The oral appliance is made of two separate pieces — one for the upper teeth and the other for the lower teeth. One “tray” snaps on your bottom teeth and the other snaps on your top teeth. There is a mechanism that keeps the two trays together when it is in your mouth. The appliance keeps the airway open at night and prevents snoring and apnea by holding the lower jaw in a forward position.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends oral appliances as a first line of therapy for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. They recommend oral appliances to people who have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and have tried and not been successful with CPAP.

Most patients can see results the first few nights of wearing their oral appliance.

Yes. You must wear the appliance every night to be treated for snoring and sleep apnea. When you do not wear your TAP oral appliance, your sleep disordered breathing will return.

If the bridge is fixed in your mouth there should be no problem. If you have a removable denture then it would depend on the number of teeth that support the denture.

If the oral appliance is not a good solution for you, you have another non-surgical option – continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). In some cases, surgery to reposition the lower jaw may be an option.

The oral appliance is fully adjustable and can be set at different, standardized settings. If your snoring or sleep apnea gets worse, you have the ability to advance the jaw forward to further open your airway. If you reach the maximum degree of advancement, you have the option of adding CPAP to the oral appliance.